Digital Enterprise Server Management course offered at IIHT provides you in-depth skills in Microsoft Technologies and Office Suite. Get hands-on training about Microsoft Exchange Server, Internet Information Server which is also known as IIS Server, Office 365, Lync, SharePoint and much more.

Digital Enterprise Server Management is one of our Engineering Programmes under the category of ‘S’ in iSMAC (IT-IMS, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud). For any organization to run successfully, it is of utmost importance that people network and interact smoothly, and exchange important information. Technologies like Lync, SharePoint, Exchange, Office 365 make this possible. A powerful combination of these technologies can take any company to the next level!

IIHT’s Engineering Programme in Digital Enterprise Server Management has been crafted after considering the need of a company to ‘socialize’ on an uninterrupted basis. This programme trains you how to use Lync, Exchange, SharePoint, IIS and Office 365 successfully for the benefit of the enterprises.


Digital Enterprise Server Management is a very unique programme at IIHT that provides a comprehensive training in very high-end technologies like Lync, Exchange, SharePoint, IIS and Office 365. While you will find several institutes teaching Lync or Exchange or even Office 365 in isolation, however, IIHT has a unique proposition in providing training in all these technologies together under one single programme. This is because Lync, Exchange and SharePoint are connected with each other.

There are very high chances that an MNC using Lync, will also be using Exchange and SharePoint. Therefore IIHT has devised this programme that gives you a 360 degree view of server management using Lync, Exchange, SharePoint and Office 365. You learn all the key aspects of digital communication in terms of voice, chat, email or sharing things with people online.

Enroll for Digital Enterprise Server Management Programme at IIHT – a wholesome training in Server Management!


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